Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Close Hauled In Southport

I think the title, as I labeled it in the video, incorrectly says November.  But, more accurately, I think it was the last weekend in October.  Couldn't have ordered up more of a Chamber-Of-Commerce weather window, though, temperature-wise.

This is from the "lab" portion of my ASA 101, Basic Keelboat class.  Check out ASA's award winning Cape Fear Sailing Academy.  Kevin Hennessey delivers top-notch instruction.

Sailing ASA 101 from liv erm'ush on Vimeo.

The song is Eric Johnson's "Gem", from Up Close.  Hope you like it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just Joking

Here's one of my favorite films from last year.  Sometimes you just come across those things that you'd have done it the same way, if you'd have done it or if you could have done it...

Fly Fishing is a Joke from Henry Harrison on Vimeo.

And sometimes, it's a combination of finding the words and the images, and bringing them together in a way that is greater than the sum of those parts, to make something that you wished you'd have imagined, yourself.

Thanks, Henry!  And, well-done sir!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Freedom, Indeed

I never go to rivers to kill hecatombs of trout or, actually, any trout; I go to unkill parts of myself that otherwise might die. ~Nick Lyons

Here's a video from a certain kindred spirit...

of fly rods and freedom. from WY Fly media on Vimeo.

I sat at my desk today and thought about fishing.  I shan't make that same mistake again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pipe Down Over There

As a general rule, this blog is devoted to leisure pursuits out of doors:  Riding horses, fishing, hunting, sailing, and other fun adventures.

Work is an adventure too, though, if the work is out there off the beaten path.  And sometimes I have projects that are extraordinary or unusual in some way.  Case in point is this drive into an area where some work needed my inspection.  Eventually, these miles of 20" gas line will be buried under the swamp and beyond.  But, how impressive is it to see so much laid out in preparation?

Consider all the work just to lay out those timber mats, for equipment and vehicle access along the route.  Then, think about connecting all those pipe sections, one at a time.  Each pipe must be welded, one to the next.  After that, each weld gets x-rayed to certify the quality of the welds.  If it doesn't pass, the weld is improved or redone, until it does pass x-ray tests.  Once it passes, the weld is coated with a special epoxy that protects the joint and (along with the painted coating elsewhere) insulates the pipe.  Then, the coating is tested for its cathodic protection.

After it's all installed, deer will again be harvested from that hunting hotel at about the 4:24 mark, and the temporary impact to these wetlands will be long since healed.

The video was shot on my Kodak Playsport, hung out the window and propped over the side mirror...and aside from the addition of the two songs as soundtrack, remains unenhanced.  You should get the feel of driving over a road made out of 16' wide mats of 12" x 8" timbers.  Toward the end, take a sip of your coffee and try to NOT think about spilling it.

I drove a little faster than necessary, because I didn't want to meet anyone coming the other way with precious little room to pass.  Not that it was particularly dicey...just that I figured it'd detract from the continuity of the video.

Installation of the tan-colored stretch of pipe toward the end was what required my presence.

pipeline from liv erm'ush on Vimeo.

Songs are from John Hiatt, Ridin' With The King and Chris Whitley, Long Way Around.  Hope you like the video.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday, Boats, Bahamas, Babes, & Bones

I can't say that it was more trouble than it was worth, but as with most anything worth doing, it took the movement of mountains just to get to the doing.

We departed Charleston after both working right up to the last minute.  The Sleep Inn in North Charleston does not provide shuttle service as part of the "Stay & Cruise" package.  The Manager Woman there said, "We can't put everything on the website that isn't included!"

As part of my "Stay & Cruise" experience, I got to push the hired taxi-van through the Customs gate, when it picked that spot to take a crap.

We're pretty sure the number of those celebrating birthdays on Day Asea #2, outnumbered those who were not.  That's a purely unscientific assessment, based solely on the abundance of crappy versions of "Happy Birthday...dear (mumblemumblewhateveryournamewas)" songs at the dinner tables.  Thanks for trying, waitstaff, anyway!

It would have been much less enjoyable had we not met & befriended the two frauleins, Simone` & Betina.

Birthdays Boats & Bahamas from liv erm'ush on Vimeo.

Sherry learned from Betina how to say a very insulting phrase to me in German.  I'll have to research the spelling on those German words, and report back later...maybe Betina can comment?

Riding in a vehicle in the Bahamas isn't the best part.

Snorkel masks and moustaches do not mix well, unless the moustache-owner really, really likes breathing salt-water.

Capt. Phil & Mel will pick you up at the big boat, and drop you off on time later.  Riding in the flats boat on the water: great.  Riding with PJ on land...not so much.  PJ does deserve a big thanks for the extra underwater effort, though.  Call 'em up for your bonefishing trip, but don't try to squeeze a half-day fishing trip into the time you're in port, unless your stay is at least overnight.

More on this adventure later, perhaps.  Hope you enjoy the video.